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7 Subtle Fall Decor Ideas

When I think about fall decorating, of course pumpkins comes to mind. The last few years though, I’ve inadvertently limited myself to only decorating with pumpkins, and nothing else for fall. Of course, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that! I love pumpkins and look forward to decorating with them each year! But there’s also so much more to fall than just pumpkins, and this year I am striving to encompass all of fall’s warm colors and seasonal changes in my home decor. Keep reading to see 7 subtle fall decor ideas that you can use in your home this year!

subtle fall decorating

1. Remove spring and summer specific decor to make room for fall themes instead.

One of the easiest ways to transition into fall is by first removing or cutting back on the spring and summer specific decor. There’s nothing more confusing than having a vibrant bouquet of flowers, spring books, and decorative gardening supplies mixed in with all of your fall decorations. Removing some or all of last season’s decor can have a huge impact on the overall feel of the home, before you’ve even added new decor in!

early fall decorating

2. Exchange everyday neutral items for ones with fall colors.

One of the best ways to capture the feeling of fall and bring it inside is by incorporating more fall colors. When the leaves begin to change colors outside, notice the different tones and hues that it brings.

Vibrant oranges, golden yellows, deep and warm browns, and other more muted tones are all over the trees and the ground. Use this color palette as inspiration for exchanging different everyday items in your home for ones that incorporate those colors.

Maybe try some of these:

decorating with fall produce

3. Keep your fresh fall produce on the counter.

Fall produce such as pears, apples, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, acorn squash, and of course pumpkin look beautiful and inviting when left on the counter. This is definitely subtle fall decor, because it’s really not decor at all!

Get creative with the vegetables that you cook with this season, and that will naturally create a revolving selection of harvest produce on your kitchen counters. The added bonus is that you may eat more of them when you see them regularly, as opposed to forgetting them in the back of the fridge!

Ways to display fall produce:

fall decor

4. Add some plaid decor touches around the home.

Plaid is a classic fall pattern that is easy to incorporate in several areas of your space. Don’t be afraid to use multiple different plaid patterns together either. While you typically wouldn’t layer colors and patterns that don’t coordinate, doing this with plaid in the fall can actually bring those warm and cozy feelings that you want in your home.

Try to add some plaid in these ways:

subtle fall decor

5. Include layers of warm texture in multiple areas around the house.

If I had to pick one single item that I couldn’t decorate without, whether that be in the fall time or just in general, it would be baskets. When I imagine cozy spaces, I immediately think of baskets, blankets, and earthy stoneware everywhere. These all add both texture and interest to any space.

Most of my pieces are thrifted and have taken time to collect, but you can also find ones online and in stores that are affordable if you keep your eyes open for it!

Try to add some of these warm textures to your home this fall:

subtle fall decor for living room

6. Trade out summer stems for fall stem arrangements.

Just like adding warmer colors to your linens and planters, you can also add to or exchange your stems and greenery to match the color changes that are occurring outside. Use fresh, real dried, or faux stems!

Try something like this:

copper for fall decor

7. Incorporate copper or brass elements into your decor.

I had been on the hunt for a vintage copper tea kettle set for nearly two years, so when I came across this one I just had to get it! I absolutely plan to keep it on display all year, but there is something special about being able to get it right as the fall season is rolling in. The colors of copper and brass echo the orange and golden yellow leaves as they change, but in a timeless way. This is the way to add subtle fall decor that I am most excited about this year.

Try these ways to incorporate these warm-toned metals:

subtle fall decor

What subtle fall decor are you going to incorporate into your home this season? Let us know in the comments below!

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