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Castile Cleaner Spray Recipe for Non-Toxic Cleaning

When researching homemade cleaner recipes, it was clear that distilled white vinegar was the #1 all-natural option for most cleaning tasks. However, I definitely ran into problems there when I learned that vinegar is too acidic for surfaces like wood! So, while I absolutely love my Multi Purpose Cleaning Spray recipe for heavy-duty applications, I needed a different option for my wood furniture and other areas that really just require a simple dusting and not necessarily disinfecting. That’s why I created my Castile Cleaner Spray.

Learn how you can make it for your home with just two ingredients!

Why You Should Make This Castile Cleaner Spray

This cleaner is the most versatile of all my cleaning sprays. It can be used on just about anything. It’s gentle, completely non-toxic, and even organic.

And one of my favorite parts? Each refill comes in at about $0.19 a bottle. Ummm, sign me up for that!

distilled water ~ Castile soap ~ spray bottle ~ measuring cup ~ funnel ~ measuring spoon

Supplies You’ll Need

There are only a few supplies you’ll need to make this spray, and the ingredients themselves will last you SO LONG because you need so little for each bottle! Another great part is that some of the supplies needed are the same ones used in my other cleaners as well. So if you’re making all my cleaners, you’ll be saving room in your supplies cabinet too!

spray bottle ~ measuring cup ~ measuring spoon ~ funnel

Reusable Supplies

  • A spray bottle: I use an old one from Grove, but if I were to order one today I’d get this pretty spray bottle. Whatever you get, just make sure it is a 2 cup (16 fl oz.) capacity. I prefer glass, since there are essential oils in the recipe. The silicone base on the glass bottle makes it durable!
  • A funnel: I love this funnel set. There are multiple sizes in the set, so you can use them in your kitchen as well! The medium size is pictured above.
  • A measuring cup: I love this tried and true glass measuring cup.
  • A measuring spoon: I use these measuring spoons because they have flat bottoms and can sit stable on the counter without tipping over!
distilled water ~ Castile soap

Spray Ingredients

  • Castile soap: I use Dr. Bronner’s Castile soap. They have so many scent options, but my personal favorite is the lavender! They’re all organically scented with essential oils and not artificial fragrances.
  • Distilled water: I prefer to buy distilled water in bulk, that way I can make multiple cleaning bottles before having to repurchase.

Why these ingredients?

Castile Soap

Castile soap is an all-natural vegetable oil-based soap that is extremely versatile. According to Dr. Bronner’s website, their Castile soap can be used for several personal items (like shampoo), but it can also be used around the house. Many of the options include using it as dish soap (one of my favorite uses for the citrus scent!), laundry, floors, windows, the toilet, and you guessed it…a cleaning spray.

I have, however, changed the recipe to be my very own ratio that makes it optimized for all surfaces without leaving behind any soap residue.

Distilled Water

Distilled water softens the soap and dilutes it to the perfect ratios. The reason to use distilled water is because regular tap water has additives that can harbor bacteria when the cleaner is stored. Since there are no preservatives in this cleaner, we have to start with sterile ingredients so that it stays shelf stable. The last thing you need is for your cleaner to get dirty, ha!

a woman is holding a bottle of Castile Cleaner spray

The Castile Cleaner Spray Recipe



  1. Use the measuring cup and funnel to pour the water into the spray bottle.
  2. Measure out the Castile soap with the teaspoon, and add it to the spray bottle.
  3. Put the lid on the bottle and give it a swirl to incorporate everything. Now you can go dust away!

What can this Castile cleaner spray be used for?

Maybe I should tell you what it is not used for…that would be a shorter list. Okay, maybe not. But when I say this spray can be used for almost anything, it really is mind-blowing what all you can do with it.

Not only is it great at dusting like a million things, but the vegetable oils in the Castile soap actually work to repel dust so that surfaces remain dust-free for longer! If only I could find a laundry detergent that works to repel laundry for longer. A girl can dream, can’t she?!

Here are just a few of the many wonderful uses that this Castile cleaner spray has:

  • Dusting wood and all other furniture
  • Dusting baseboards
  • Cleaning all types of floors, including wood (spray and then mop)
  • Wiping the dining table
  • Wiping toilets
  • Polishing stainless steel
  • Wiping down faucets
  • Cleaning off fruit and vegetables (Yeah, that’s right, it’s that versatile. But you may want to use a different bottle than you use to clean your toilet. Ha!)
  • Insect repellant (I know, crazy right?! Castile soap kills and repels insects, especially if you use the Peppermint Castile soap!)
  • Wiping down house plants’ leaves
  • Wiping down piano keys
  • Cleaning walls
  • Fabric cleaner (like a spill on the sofa)
  • Fabric and carpet freshener (you can spray it throughout your home for a scent boost and odor absorber, as it is non-toxic even for little ones crawling on the floor)

Even though this cleaner does not leave behind any residue, I still find that it sometimes streaks on glass such as windows and mirrors. If you’re looking to clean glass, I would suggest using my Vinegar Cleaning Spray recipe for those applications.

Can I add essential oils?

Sure you can! If you’re going to add your own oils, you will want to do your own research on those oils to make sure they will not affect the surfaces that you plan to use the spray on. You’ll also want to verify that the oils you choose are safe for children and pets if you plan on using it around them.

Is this Castile cleaner spray safe for kids?

Yes! This is the mildest cleaner of all of my recipes, making it perfect even for having little ones clean with you. Just spray some on a cleaning cloth and hand it to them to help.

As always though, check the product bottles for the ingredients list, and verify that the oils used are safe for children and that there are no allergens present.

Castile Cleaner Spray Recipe for Non-Toxic Cleaning

This easy-to-make spray is non-toxic, effective, and can be used to dust almost anything! This is the easiest Castile cleaner spray recipe you’ll ever find.


  • Use the measuring cup and funnel to pour the water into the spray bottle.
  • Measure out the Castile soap with the teaspoon, and add it to the spray bottle.
  • Put the lid on the bottle and give it a swirl to incorporate everything. Now you can go dust away!

Be sure to pin the recipe for later!

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